Monday, 25 June 2007

Sit back and relax.

Have been back to jaybee for almost a week déjà. Aaaaaarrhhh~ finally some little break for myself before things get nasty all over again [VivaceViii and msafoc prep. and nbs stuff]. Am going up to KayEll tomorrow and then Genting on thurs~

Had vfeng outing finalement! Coz TP was fully booked so this time round we had it at Leisure Farm, Gelang Patah. Not a bad place for retirement haha. Will blog more about it when I get hold of the photos~ Vfeng Vfeng! Ohya realized that I might be allergic to alcohol. -..-“

Transposed Tears into harmoc scores also. Still got 10% yet to be completed which I need my octave to testplay it before ‘launching’ it for the band to play~ Next up is 菊花台. Hopefully can finish it during the KayEll-Genting trip.

Learn more photoshop stuff thru shen. Haha. It’s darn fun. Feel shiok doing those design stuff hehheh. Woo. Wish my laptop could run photoshop faster without so much lagging.

Gained approx 1kilo after coming back home. Haha. Mum shocked by my increased appetite.

And. being at home feels great ^^.

Some photos taken quite some time ago:-

I like to take photo of still objects. Coz they wont siam like you people.

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