Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Warning : Long entry with darn alot of photos.

To make up for the long disappearance from the blogger world and msn, here's a long entry with photos (courtesy of miss teng for letting me to use her SonyCybershot with trust haha). and a little update of what i have been doing in the 3rd week of my holidays.

In short. Pre-picnic shopping. Kite-flying picnic at Chinese Garden. ECP again. Ohana painting. Costume making. Sampat lunch. A song for the sun. Jaybee redbox + makan trip. French role play. 1000ml of Tears.

In the near future. CCC test game. L'exhibition Voilah!. Hors de prix : Priceless. Vivace maincomm outing. More french lesson. Family outing. and more makan trip! Vesak holiday. 2nd french test.

ok that's all for summary. continue to read on for photos+their story. I understand that u probably cant 'feel' the fun by just looking at the photos (if u werent with us/me). but just try ok? haha. i'm trying hard to capture the funnest part and make the caption as full with info as possible. thanks lah.

Saturday_Kite flying at Chinese Garden

Shopping at Fairprice the night before. and lotsa preparation that night till late (or early?) morning. At hall 13 blk 64 pantry

Everybody who went for kite flying (except miss photographer) and that's taimah's signature pose! At EW24: Chinese Garden

One of those Cheena pondok at Chinese Garden. Many ppl from the public looked quite shocked when see us, a bunch of crazie ppl having picnic in a Saturday afternoon.

Our food for that day!. Messy coz this is the aftermath. Haha.

The White something Bridge. Hoho like to take photo with angle like this. It looks like the path beyond will never end.

The main thing about this photo is the dragonfly. At the location of China. if this photo was to be a world map. yup. Darn hard to capture them in the photo. at least for me.

Trying to fly the kite. This moment didnt last for very long (the moment that the kite actually on air steadily). haha. so i took it down fast.

It's flying. Bleh. Failure attempt to take a fake photo so that it looks like it's soaring high. . eh. haha.

Got hooked. one of our kites got hooked on the tree. A very tall tree. An eagle-shaped kite.

and that day was darn tiring. was followed by another ECP trip. Sea breeze brushing face. Doing nothing but just listening to the waves. Was totally not in the mood to cycle or rollerblade or kayak. Ate BK (finally). ha. and realise there is no student meal in the weekends.

Sunday_Ohana Painting for FOC

Look look. from top view. obviously the slacker is the one who took the photo while the rest were painting.

View from thailand. haha.

Still working hard.and that slacker was still slacking around. :P

The product. after 4hours of hardwork. and it's gonna be cut into pieces! Btw it's a 6m by 4 m cloth.

and the day continued with costume making in Blk64 lounge

and we do boliao stuff when we got too tired. too sien. and too high. this is Qian Shou Guan Yin. Guanyin with 1000hands.
But actually there are only 14 lah.

and. Superman in white! hahaha. i was really floating in the air! Guess how i did it? Hehheh.

Tuesday_JayBee trip

Guys who went. at pelangi redbox

Gals who went. same place. same room.

and introducing the new version of S.H.E! Lol . was singing SHIN's Armageddon.

was abit too gekdong over that song. Anyhow it feels shiok! "I dont wanna say goodbye.. I just wanna live my life with you..."
and we sang for 6hours and paid student price! muahaha. it's good to go for K during weird hours in a weekday.

and we went to makan at this taiwanese restaurant opposite to plaza pelangi.
we thought it was about to close . and the boss thought we were about to leave the place without entering the restaurant. and we stared at each other for few minutes before the confusion ended. and that was funny.

Salted chicken set. Darn nice. Super nice. A bowl of soup. bowl of rice with black sesame. Salted fried chicken with fried leaves. Egg. Pickles. Stir-fried cabbage. Meat floss. and sausages. ah. and pudding aussi. what else can u ask for?

and i forgot what's this already. some chicken set as well haha.

and these are fried yam paste! drool drool drool haha. dont spoil ur keyboard eh.

and this is onion pancake! super thin. and nice!
but these werent all that we ordered. coz the boss said there might be competitor who came in and take photo of their food (ie steal info). so we were asked not to take photo of the food. so u missed the fried oyster. another fried chicken set. seafood toufu. and fried golden needle mushroom (someone tell me the proper name of it please. haha )

and the group photo around the table. well at least can see part of everybody. haha. i like the tatami layout! and it's rare that everyone was still smiling like dat for the fact that we only had redbox as lunch. hurhur.

and voila. the finale photo after we came back to sg. We dont looked tired? But i feel sleepy now. it's 3.12am. gotta wake up early tmr to print something. and go out to hiao somemore haha.

tada. C'est fini.


Anonymous said...

reli long sial, bt too short if tats all for the whole week haaaa.contradictory le...mayb too tired.reli cheap to sing tat time n tat place.n tt rice is san bei ji chicken set rite?

Nai Jiew Mil said...

lol just show the essence of the whole thing mah. how can i put up all 700MB of pictures and video? LOL.

muahaha. cant imagine how many Gig of photos and video we are gonna have , by the end of FOC. :D

w a n x i n said...

whos' that anon? Hey the pics were pretty pretty esp our qian shou guan yin and superman! That meal, according to the receipt, is called minced chicken sth.. Super don't think the name is elegant enough for the shop!

Anonymous said...

tt anon is me.

Nai Jiew Mil said...

tat's a stupid ans.


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