Tuesday, 24 April 2007

NJ Charm On I See A Band

I'm sure that the accidentally zipai photo is still fresh in your mind, an entry which i blogged about the harmonica exchange that i went, the pre-SYF little rehearsal that Mr. Tang will have for his bands for every SYF year. and tada. SYF of harmonica just concluded this monday morning, while i was diligently mugging for BizLaw paper that i sat for this afternoon.

and guess wad. NJharmoc emerged as the ONLY harmoc band who got Gold With Honours! I was like WOW WOW WOW when eileen (jnr) texted me while i was on my way to Can16. and more WOWs. We (or should i use 'they'?) even beat Yuhua, the legendary secondary school harmoc band. Oh my
tian. Anitra's Dance and The Sound of Music. Kudos people!

As what eileen (jnr) described, it was more than just music. Synchronised head and body movement. Improved alot since the exchange thing. Overjoyed and teared. I so can picture out what happened in Singapore Conference Hall that morning. and I feel so darn sad for not attending SYF this year. Man. Darn exam. Darn ant tea you exam.

Anyway. still feel damn proud of NJHarmoc. and i feel so old. I'm their sesenior (for J2s) and sesesenior (for J1s). Haha. and i was looking thru my
post-SYF entry and photos. Suddenly fell into the time machine and travelled back to Nj. How hard we practiced everyday at amphi. How bonded were we during the practices and harmoc camp. Everyone's expression whenever we heard the word Sonata or La Spag. How the girls cry after SYF 6minutes. How we shouted like crazy after GOLD was confirmed to be in our pocket. How Mrs. Cheng described us as "the least expected Gold"(whatever. rolled eyes). and of course, how 04/05 harmoc batch left. how everyone got seperated and no more band KAP dinner, no more band outings, no more NJharmoc together.

I can feel how proud they(the juniors) are, standing in front of Ann Jay See, on the podium, being announced as the 1st Gold with Honours for njharmoc. cheered. and cheered. It's nice too see that harmoc is still as bonded as we were. Darn. I miss Njharmoc. i miss 2nd chro. Yk. Mj. Kf. Stan. CC. Cher. Jess. Joyce. [ lol. and CC just on msn. with nick :
f bio to the end of the world. hahaha]
"Proudly presenting to you, Ann Jay See Harmonica Band, Gold with Honours."

NJC Harmonica Band

NJ Charm on i c a band (:

added: And Mr. Tang Yuen Wai - The best harmoc conductor in Singapore, JB and somesay Batam! All. repeat. ALL the harmoc band under him got at least a gold! (AHS, YHSS, VJC - Gold. NJC - GwH) He's so darn uber ultra mega super ZAI!! and i foresee that harmoc conducting market in Sg will be monopolised by him sooon. Schools will send invitation to him. offering him higher pay or sth. muahaha. and . hopefully Vivace VIII will be a Gold with Honours performance, or at least a gold. :)


Anonymous said...

i miss my secondary symphony band too...wuwu~~

Anonymous said...

haha can feel how proud u r and how agitated(positive one) u feel when u wrote the entry... when u told us the news in can 16, can see u r excited... haha but didnt realise u were THIS happy... make me feel regret for not taking part in any before the entire of my life!!! :)


Nai Jiew Mil said...

haha. how come i can guess that u are lina arh. sigh. haha so how? wanna quit? :P

>anon2 = Ling
haha regret leh. but i'm sure that u had lotsa fun in greenlink + entreprise club too!!
got win got lose bahx. :)

kefengus said...

yeh,we finlly got the legendary gold with hornours. Gold already seems a far fetch acheivement during our time,yet,we performed even better this time! NJ harmoc rocks!!! miss all the pple too..haha..Damn,why must i be sailing on the syf day...

Nai Jiew Mil said...

yeahyeah we rock haha
cya during mass harmoc gathering (:


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