Saturday, 25 February 2006

Last Klogs before results~~

Klog #27 Countdown : 1 ! 22Feb2006

Yes. One more day then I’ll be free!

One more day then I’ll get my 2nd pay of the history.

Then I can sleep till 12pm.

Then I can go out whenever I want.

Then I’ll be back to ready-to-be-employed state.

And preparing-myself-for-A-results mood

Then I’ll have to apply for uni n choose which course I wanna study.


Please let me have more time for that. Please. Designing? Engineering? Actuarial?


I’m going to:-

-primary school reunion!

-Kay Ell trip!

-take more pics!!

-produce my own movie!!!

And the most important one,

-to be employed before my financial asset all flow back to national income circulation.


Abandoned child. Indon handicraft

Klog #28 Countdown : 0 23Feb2006

Somehow feel like I physically and mentally grew slower ( or even negatively ) for the past 2 mnths. That kinda boring routine everyday n those stupid customers that I meet everyday.Plus plus the language that I’m forced to improve

To comfort myself, I listed down 10things that I have gained for the past 2mnths:-

1. THE~improved my third language lor. While deproving my other languages.

2. got the chance to design products n ppl actually bought them with compliments =P

3. the opportunity to handle a shop alone. Everything DIY…erm.kinda fun I suppose?

4. friendship. Which I think somehow similar to those I had in HCIBS…meeting them everyday for like 10hours. Which I’ll treasure.

5. money.

6. improved my driving skill which is still kinda sucky…

7. inspiration. Sitting alone in HappyStar lotsa inspiration was ‘generated’ just like dat. Wrote klogs, blogs, Chinese posts and even poems ( sumthin that I dun even read!)

8. indirectly reunion with my pri sch frens! Haha which I din expect at all!

9. 0.5-2kg despite the myth that working will make someone skinnier. Ha.

10. the shiok-ness of spending money that soaked with sweat, blood and tears. =)

Tada. Dun wanna list down stuff that I have missed or lost. Coz u wont be able to read them all until end of the century. Haha. Anyway. JB unemployment rate has just gone up 0.0002%!

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